CMDays Ghent: one down, two to go

Tuesday, 6 November, 2012 - 22:00

The first day of the Creative Media Days is over. And what a day it was. You can find a brief overview of the most important quotes, cool pictures and things to know here. 

Our co-working space was used by some early birds, making the registration rush go smoothly. We luckily never ran out of coffee and booths like MiX soon lightened the atmosphere with a playful Twitter-app.

At 9 o’clock, three conferences took off at the ICC: The Fail Conference, Managing Innovation in Flanders and FIRE

Staff members were travelling back and forth from ICC to KASK, School of Arts, where the DIY-days were taking place. In the afternoon, Future Media Lab started, the rest continued. 

Around half past three, there was an internet breakdown – for the biggest part of Ghent, not just for us. However, our Twitter wall kept buzzing. About the DIY Days and about Future Media Lab for instance. And Managing Innovation in Flanders also delivered what was promised: an inspiring conference that tackled difficult issues about innovation. The Fail Conference shook some stones at Twitter. You can read a minute-by-minute report via #failcon12

It was a buzzy day for all of us. Tired yet happy, we turned to our sofas when the last glass of wine was emptied and peace and quiet returned to ICC. Not for long, we knew... 

More about the evening program is therefore brought to you by our great reporters from REC Radio center.

Tomorrow is another day!